Program Overview

This project responds to current policy and relevant research in relation to the challenges for regional student engagement, success and wellbeing by developing a suite of interconnected resources designed to enable universities nationally to provide ongoing, sustainable support to build the capacity of regional students.

These resources correspond to key milestones across the student life cycle, thereby providing a pedagogical strategy that can help improve the engagement, success and wellbeing for regional students studying at regional universities or at universities committed to regional activity.

Success is generally referred to in terms of academic performance and completion. This project is based on the belief that success needs to include measures related to the health and wellbeing of students during (and after) their studies. The resources developed in this project contribute to the development of health, wellbeing and coping strategies which play a significant role in the achievement of learning outcomes and graduate employability.

Resources & Implementation

Training Package & Strategy

Download the training documentation and strategy to learn how to use the Regional Student Success & Wellbeing resources in conjunction with the student lifecycle.

Modules & Workshops

Download tutor manuals, student workbooks, presentation files for each of the following modules and workshops and embed this program into your learning management system like Moodle or Blackboard.

My Self
My Study
My Success

Module 1

This module is designed to teach students how to adapt their study styles to their personality.


Module 2

This module is designed to teach students how to embrace feedback for academic success.


Module 3

This module provides students with tools to improve their retention and recall of information.


Module 4

This module is designed to teach students about the importance of professional digital communication.


Module 5

This module is designed to teach students how to embrace feedback for academic success


Module 6

This module is designed to teach students about the importance of mindfulness


Module 7

This module is designed to focus holistically on health in relation to study


Workshop 1

This workshop focuses on GRIT, Resilience and Self-Compassion along with goal setting and strategies for managing stress.


Workshop 2

This workshop focuses on mindfulness and the benefits of mindfulness for better study habits and wellness generally.

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Funding and Licensing

The project that resulted in the production of this report was funded under a National Priorities Pool (Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program) grant from the Commonwealth. The recipient of the grant has granted the Commonwealth the right to sub-licence the material in this report. Copyright in the report remains with the original copyright owners.

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The report should be cited as:

King, S, Stallman, H, Weiler, T, Kehrwald, J & Ulpen, T 2018, Promoting Academic Success and Wellbeing: Enhancing Regional Students’ Engagement, Success and Wellbeing Through the Use of Early Intervention Strategies, UniSA College, Adelaide.