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Suicide Prevention

Our research involves equipping health practitioners and students with the knowledge, attitudes, skills, and confidence to work with people who are distressed, including those who have thoughts of suicide.  It includes studies on coping, stigma, training, and phenomenology.

Researchers:  Dr Helen Stallman, Dr Jeneva Ohan, Dr Coralie Wilson, Dr Belinda Chiera, Dr Bridgette Bewick


Building graduate resilience for the disrupted future of the 21st century

This project will increase graduate resilience and employability for a globalised world through developing and piloting a resilience framework, and a fully resourced development program to build academics’ capacity to embed resilience into the curriculum at the crucial ‘tipping point’ when students are expected to transition from the classroom to fieldwork.

Research Team: Brewer, M, van Kessel, G, Barnard, S, Sanderson, B, Ferns, S, Reubenson, R, Maresse, S,  Cooper, B, Lane, M, Naumann, F, Rueckert, C.

Funding Body:   Australian Technology Network of Universities


A personalised feedback mechanism for online assessment in service courses

Research Team: Dr Nick Fewster-Young, Dr Belinda Chiera, Dr Helen Stallman, & Dr Lisa Schultz

Funding Body:  UniSA Teaching and Learning Grant.


 mount-gambier-building-image_webPromoting academic success and well-being:  Enhancing regional students’ engagement, success and well-being through the use of innovative early intervention strategies

The project, to be piloted and implemented at UniSA in Whyalla and Mount Gambier, will see the development of resources, including a web resource that will provide a training package for regional staff to deliver support services related to academic literacies, engagement and well-being of students.

Research Team:  Associtate Professor Sharron King, Dr Helen Stallman and Ms Tanya Weiler
Funding Body: Department of Education and Training Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Programme

studying Australian Longitudinal Study of University Student Health and Wellbeing

The Australian Longitudinal Study of University Student Health and Wellbeing is the first longitudinal study of the health and wellbeing of Australian university students, assessing the strengths and difficulties they experience during their studies.  It is being conducted by an international team of researchers and includes students nationally.

Research Team:  Dr Helen Stallman, Dr Coralie Wilson, Professor Kyp Kypri, Professor Daniel Eisenberg, & Dr Bridgette Bewick


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