thedesk is a not-for-profit, web-based program to assist tertiary students learn strategies to improve their learning, coping, health, and relationships.  It was developed by Dr Helen Stallman, University of South Australia, Professor David Kavanagh,, Queensland University of Technology and Associate Professor Alan Ralph, University of Queensland.  It was funded by beyondblue.




What’s in thedesk?

  • Modules to develop problem-solving and self-management skills. Topics include getting things done, staying calm, staying connected and feeling good.
  • Tools to help with everyday issues such as relaxation, challenging unhelpful thoughts, using feedback constructively and problem solving.
  • Quizzes about different areas of life such as relationships, physical health and mental wellbeing.
  • An online Coffee House for students to connect with other students, share experiences, music, art, recipes and more!
  • Links to information and support services to help deal with a range of common issues.

All components of thedesk are informed by research on the prevention and treatment of mental health problems, web-based interventions and engagement.

Does it cost anything to use?

 thedesk  is available free-of-charge to all students.

Universities and colleges can licence the program for a small annual cost.  This enables them to have the website branded with their logo and a link back to their university website.  They are also able to add services and links in the Get Help section of the program to provided students with information and access to supports at their own university.  Licence fees cover the ongoing maintenance and development of the program. For information about licencing, email

How can it be used ?

  • Tools and modules can be used within the curriculum, if relevant, e.g.
  • Promotional slides can be used at relevant times within the curriculum to prompt students to use the program if they are having problems
  • The program can be used as part of a therapist-assisted low-intensity intervention in university counselling services
  • The program can be used for students on counselling service waiting lists
  • Promotional slides for electronic billboards around campus

Resources for universities and colleges

  • Promotional slides
  • Logos and banners for advertising

For more information contact