For Lecturers

learningThe Learning Thermometer is a web-based tool to help students regularly reflect on their progress in your course.  It automatically links them with relevant strategies, resources and services, if, and when they personally need help. This web-based program uses a series of surveys throughout the course to promote autonomy, problem-solving, and success.   Contact us if you would like to use it in your course.



thedesk, is a free, web-based program to help university students manage common issues and improve their coping skills.

You can prompt students to get extra support if they need it, at key times during the semester.  You can download and show the  promotional slides at key times to prompt students to use the tools and modules if they need help.

  • On Track for Success–  Useful tool to use during orientation to ensure all students know how their overall health affects their academic performance.
  • Managing Stress and procrastination – These are really common issues for many students while working on assignments or preparing for exams.
  • Using Feedback– Students may not know how to make the most of the feedback you provide on assignments.  This tool can help them make the most of feedback you provide and help them manage their own distress if they haven’t done as well as they expected.



Staying on Track is a 20 minute digitised version of the Success and Wellbeing seminar.